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The New Toy 2008 Ram 1500

SLT 4X4 Quad Cab

and yah it's got a Hemi

July 2008


The Old Truck.  Over 112000 miles with minimal repairs the deals were just too good to pass up.

2001 Dodge Ram 2500

SLT 4X4 Quad Cab

360ci V-8

Stock options taken       Mods

First couple of pics in 2000, already started a few mods

bug shield, nerf bars, bumper inserts to match grill

I've already lost the bumper insterts, guess I hit a couple of big holes somewere.

With Grill Guard added

285/75R16 Cooper Discover STT & Charging Ram decals

I should of went with the 305's


gr2bl2.jpg (36810 bytes) gr2bl.jpg (27429 bytes)

Painted grey plastic - black

yes I've fixed the angle on the brush guard

linex.jpg (43756 bytes)

Applied Line-X to bed, also new black bumper


Been a while since I've updated, got a Tietjen Lonestar Front Bumper, and some Pro Comp Extreme AT 315/75R16 with some Rock Crawler Rims.